Everyday is Artist Appreciation Day!

After 28 years in the art business, I am still amazed at what occurs to create a single piece of art.  People often look at art and think it just magically happens without giving thought to the process involved, the countless hours of toil and the skill set required to bring it to fruition.

What also amazes me is that the artist is responsible for the initial creative concept, the "manufacturing process" and the final product. They have 100% control with every piece of art they create. 

From nothing to something a blank canvas becomes a beautiful painting, a block of wood becomes a exquisite keepsake box, a glob of molten glass becomes an elegant glass vase, a sheet of metal becomes a artistic clock to adorn your wall, a lump of clay becomes a functional ceramic teapot.

I appeal to you to support your local artist.  

Jim Allmon, Gallery On Madison, Middleburg, Virginia   www.galleryonmadison.com