The Day Facebook Signed Off

Facebook in its short ten year life has created a social revolution!

I now know on a daily basis what my friends are doing even those I don't know!!

Some say Facebook is a waste of time, others claim it keeps them connected to those who otherwise they may not be connected due to factors beyond their control.

The bottom line is that you have the option to "turn the channel or not even watch."  But just think if Facebook signed off for good!  Yes, we would survive, but for those who find fulfillment in checking on friends and sharing their life with them in short quips and photos, it would be "the day the music died!" as Don McLean said decades ago if Facebook signed off.

In particular, businesses, who use Facebook to market their products, would loose a valuable tool to stay connected with their customers and prospects.  For small businesses like Gallery On Madison, Facebook is an effective resource  for us to interact with our friends without cost and without intrusion.

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