What is on your Wall?

Ever hear the Capital One Bank "What is in your Wallet?" slogan ?  

I decided to twist the question and ask "What is on your Wall?"  The art on your wall should reflect your personality, provide inspiration and enhance your life.  It isn't about matching the decor.  Art is personal and unless you are treating it strictly as an investment, it should speak to you.  No, it should sing to you!

There is romance in selecting art that will give you more than a dash of color.  One of the first pieces of art my wife and I acquired was a colored etching of a faceless French Baker wearing a beret and holding a stack of bread loaves.  The shape of the bread loaves and the beret were a repetitive pattern and intriguing.  It spoke to us. We have moved multiple times since we bought the etching but in each new house, it has found a place in the kitchen. 

Many, many years ago while attending the Ohio State Fair, my wife and I bought a small sepia colored photograph of two squirrels nudged lovingly together under a tree with the inscription:  "Whatever else you seek, it is friendship that fulfills the search."   How true!  I still smile appreciatively when l look at the photo even though it is faded now, but the sentiment has not faded. 

The wisdom to take away is that art comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. Art conveys many different messages. It can be affordable or it can cost a lot.  None of this matters if it does not have meaning to you.  Build a collection that you will enjoy.