This week, my youngest daughter, Jaclyn, and Sean Vann were married in a beautiful ceremony in Alexandria, Virginia.  Family and friends celebrated the union! 

The former estate of George Mason called Hollin Hall was the venue. Vows were  exchanged in the garden with a ceremony where ribbons representing various virtues of marriage were tied around both their wrists to symbolically bind them.  They made everyone feel included as they always do.  The dinner was family style with comfort food including fried chicken, pulled pork, collared greens, etc.  Many of their friends have small children and they had a great time with the entire day being very relaxed. Josie, their adorable dog, was the official ring bearer with our grandsons, Jake and Caden.  Our granddaughter, McKenna, was the flower girl. Jen, our oldest daughter was Maid of Honor and Jill, our middle daughter, was a bridesmaid.  

The night before the wedding, Jaclyn and Sean had an Open House at their new home in Hollin Hills.  On the day following the wedding, Jennifer and her husband, Geoff, hosted a wonderful brunch for wedding guests from out of town at their new home in Vienna

All three of our daughters are now "HITCHED."   They all have made great choices in spouses who compliment their personalities, meet their emotional needs and committed to their happiness. 

Jan and I couldn't be prouder of the life these young women have chosen.

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