The Little Gallery That Could

"I think I Can! I think I Can!"  We all remember the childhood story of the Little Engine that Could! It inspired and encourage us as youngsters to take on challenges that we thought were unsurmountable.  It is a fable written in 1930 that will inspire generations to come.

Gallery On Madison is considerably smaller than the galleries we owned in Williamsburg, VA and Woodstock, Vermont.  The limited space could be an obstacle but with a "I think I can! I think I can!" attitude, we have made Gallery On Madison a Little Gallery That Could.  We did it by bringing together a group of exceptionally talented and passionate artists and artisans.  We have maximized the space by selecting twenty seasoned professionals who have created paintings, sculpture and hand crafted fine craft that collectors seek and appreciate. 

 "I think I can! I think I can!" that is our mantra and we hope we can fulfill and exceed your expectations as we establish our gallery in the Northern Virginia art community.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.