Random Acts of Art

Random Acts of Art and Random Acts of Kindness both result in enjoyment and appreciation from recipients.  

Random Acts of Art happen everyday as do Random Acts of Kindness.  Artists share their creativity in many shapes and forms. In doing so they share themselves.  They share their vision, their talent and their passion. 

 The dictionary defines an artist as a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a  music, poetry, filmmaking, fine art, dance, etc. Missing in the definition is the emotional connection that transpires between the creative process, the end "product" and the "audience" for the art that is created.  

Artists are a unique group of individuals that approach "work" differently than most of us. In fact, it has been said that creativity is intelligence at play. To the artist, doing what they love is not work.  Have you ever heard an artist talk about retirement?  Never!  As long as they are physically able to create, they do up to their last day on earth.

Art and Kindness are both random acts that make this world a better place!