The Value of Inspiration

A blank canvas, a lump of clay, strands of glass, a block of wood or sheet of metal.  What would you do with them?  

That is the challenge that an artist faces when he/she heads to the studio each day.  Somehow they harness the challenge with an inspiration that evolves into a beautiful piece of art. What an awesome process!  

Many people when viewing art take it for granted.  They think it just appears effortlessly or magically!  They don't consider the starting point, the inspiration, the passion, the talent, the time, the experience and sometimes the frustration that are the under pinnings of the art work they are admiring.

The next time you look at a piece of art, think about how it got there.  How it was one person's vision and execution that made it possible then you will truly appreciate its value.

Jim Allmon  

Gallery On Madison, 9 South Madison St., Middleburg, Virginia