Back on the Saddle for another Rodeo

It is a great feeling to be back on the saddle for another rodeo!

Owning an art gallery has so many emotional rewards.  When people buy art, they not only are obtaining a unique piece of creativity that speaks to them but they are also furthering the career of the artist who created it.  It is a celebration we share with both the artist and collector.  

The twenty artists, sculptors and artisans we selected for Gallery On Madison are individuals who are exceptionally talented artists and even more important passionate people. They have found a place in life that allows them to make a living while pursuing their passion.

In an age of big box stores and mass production, an art gallery stands alone. To us it's personal.  We know the artists intimately. They are not only "business partners" but close friends.  Through them, we fulfill the wishes of the art collector who want something that is unique and has special meaning to them.

Being a part of that "connection" makes it a satisfying experience that we relish.