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All online purchases are shipped free and may be returned for a full refund within 15 days of receipt.

Paintings, hand painted stemware and designer scarves by Jan Allmon, Stoneware by Suzanne Crane, Ceramics and jewelry by Zeber Martel, table top sculpture and horseshoe wine racks by Marc Staples and more can now be viewed and added to your online cart for purchase.  

if you are looking for a unique, one of a kind gift or something for your personal collection this is the place to shop.  Log in now! https://www.galleryonmadison.com/shop/ and happy shopping.


As Arnold Schwartzenager would say ...

I'm Back!

After subleasing, the gallery for the past ten months to Marci Nadler aka Unstable Art,  we have come back on the scene.  Marci did a terrific job with her exhibits and activities, but decided she need a break to pursue her own art and escort her daughter to visit potential colleges.  

Please, come by to see the current exhibit of oil paintings by Jan Allmon.  There are over 30 paintings to feast your eyes on. The show will continue through August.  Our hours are noon to at least 5 most Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Call ahead 703-789-0124 to be sure.

Jim Allmon

Jeff Morrow Exhibit

In May and June, Gallery On Madison (Middleburg, Virginia) will host an exhibit of oil paintings by Jeff Morrow.  

Jeff is an award winning sporting and portrait artist who has been on the cover of The Artist's Magazine. His oil painting entitled "The Dandy" appeared on the July/August 2014 cover of the magazine and won First Place in the magazine's All Media Competition. He was also awarded a Certificate of Excellence by The Portrait Society of America for his entry, "The Dandy" in the International Portrait Competition at their annual conference.  Recently, he received the Portrait Award of Excellence for another of his portraits at the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition and an Award of Excellence at the American Academy of Equine Art spring invitational show in Lexington, Kentucky for his 16x12 painting called White Horse at Greenacres.   

Jeff is member of The Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, The Academy of Equine Art, The MacDowell Society of Cincinnati and a signature member of the Cincinnati Art Club. Prior to becoming a full time portrait and sporting artist ten years ago, he had a 28 year career as a commercial photographer and video producer. Jeff attributes this experience as beneficial in creating his painting compositions.

If you are interested in having a portrait of yourself, a family member, beloved dog or horse, please inquire.

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Everyday is Artist Appreciation Day!

After 28 years in the art business, I am still amazed at what occurs to create a single piece of art.  People often look at art and think it just magically happens without giving thought to the process involved, the countless hours of toil and the skill set required to bring it to fruition.

What also amazes me is that the artist is responsible for the initial creative concept, the "manufacturing process" and the final product. They have 100% control with every piece of art they create. 

From nothing to something a blank canvas becomes a beautiful painting, a block of wood becomes a exquisite keepsake box, a glob of molten glass becomes an elegant glass vase, a sheet of metal becomes a artistic clock to adorn your wall, a lump of clay becomes a functional ceramic teapot.

I appeal to you to support your local artist.  

Jim Allmon, Gallery On Madison, Middleburg, Virginia   www.galleryonmadison.com 


There are many artisans who have committed themselves to repurposing materials into art instead of letting die a horrific death in the landfill.

One such artisan is Marc Staples who is making wine racks from worn out horseshoes.  As a designer and sculptor, Marc creates these pieces in his studio/workshop in Durham North Carolina. They are great functional gifts for the horse enthusiast and/or wine lover.   

You can see several variations at www.galleryonmadison.com/shop.    

Making art and saving the planet at the same time is a day well spent.

Jim Allmon



Christmas in Middleburg Parade is December 5

On Saturday, December 5,  the Hunt Parade at 2pm will be the highlight the Christmas in Middleburg annual celebration.  The riders are impeccably dressed,  the hounds are excited and active and the horses are stellar and absolutely magnificent.  

Nearly 10,000 visitors come from hither and fro to the tiny village of Middleburg, Virginia to see the extravaganza!   To learn more about the activities including the Christmas tree lighting  visit http://www.christmasinmiddleburg.org/

Robyn Ryan, a Virginia equine artist and sculptor, will be at Gallery On Madison on Saturday, December 5 to demonstrate her sculpting process and exhibit her bronze sculpture and layered acrylic paintings during the Christmas in Middleburg celebration.  Robyn will also have pieces available for purchase.

Stop by to meet Robyn and have a mug of egg nog with us!

Jim Allmon
Gallery On Madison




What does a Rubik's Cube have to do with your small business succeeding?

Owning a small business is a lot like playing trying to conquering a Rubik's Cube!

If someone hands you a Rubik's Cube and you starting twisting it in all different directions, you probably will not succeed in solving it.  On the other hand, if you prepare for it and have a strategy you will most likely succeed.  

That lesson was taught to me by my eight year old grandson, Caden, who has a very high IQ to start with.  He went on line and watched videos posted by Rubik Cube masters.  Now when you hand him a scrambled Rubik Cube, he solves it in just a few twists!

In a small business, you also need to be prepared and have a well thought out strategy to make your business succeed.  Study the success of other entrepreneurs,  talk to people in your industry that have blazed the path for you, seek out a mentor or establish an advisory board to guide you.  

Like a Rubik's Cube, you need to tweak your business until everything lines up before you can declare victory! 

Jim Allmon    Gallery On Madison, Middleburg VA




Christmas in Middleburg Guest Artist Announced

Come in for a mug of eggnog and meet Virginia equine artist and sculptor, Robyn Ryan, at Gallery On Madison during  Christmas in Middleburg on Saturday, December 5. 

Robyn will demonstrating how she creates her equine bronze sculpture. She will also have layered acrylic paintings and sculptures available for purchase.

Robyn has always had two consuming interests. One is art and the other horses.

Her Mom and Dad graciously supported her when she took a year off between high school and college to take an intensive nine month course earning certification in horse management and teaching classical horseback riding. The deal was, that she still had to go to a 4-year college and get a“real” degree before pursuing her interest in art. She earned a business management degree with a minor in computer science from Radford University. Fortunately, her horse went with here and she taught horseback riding classes at both Radford and Virginia Tech to help defray costs. She eventually returned to her desire to create art and began attending workshops, working on commissions and eventually renting a studio. 

A member of the Virginia Equine Artist Association, she exhibits her art in several juried shows and galleries.  Most recently, she participated in the Hunt Country Harvest Ball and Art Show at the Salamander Resort.  The event is a special fund raising exhibit hosted by the Loudoun Arts Council and the Phillips Programs for Children and Families.  

Jim Allmon    Gallery On Madison   http://www.galleryonmadison.com/directions-hours/



Investment Art Bring Big Prices!

Christies is having a record year selling fine art!  

USA Today reports that:

A nearly 100-year-old painting of an alluring nude created by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani sold for $170.4 million on Monday night — the second-highest price ever paid at auction for a work of art.

Modigliani's 1917-18 canvas "Nu Couché" is widely considered among his finest works. The painting was the "star lot" around which the New York auction house Christie's built its "Artist's Muse" auction on Monday, The New York Times reported.

Artnet News called it "pure, quintessential Modigliani," with rich colors, "lush paint handling" and "pulsing eroticism." It predicted earlier Monday that the painting could go for $100 million or more, in large part because it was Modigliani's "best nude and perhaps his best painting ever."

The painting sold in nine minutes with bids by five prospective buyers, a Christie's spokesperson told CNN. The buyer was not immediately revealed.

At Monday's auction, a 1964 painting by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, "Nurse," also sold for slightly over $95.3 million, the Times reported.


Avoid Holiday Shopping Mayhem!

For your holiday gifts, we encourage you to Think and Shop Outside the Big Box! Consider buying a hand made item or work of art by an artisan or artist.

When you purchase something hand crafted or painted by your favorite artisan or artist, ou are buying something special and showing them you gave a lot more thought to the gift than going to a big box store or buying online.

When you Think and Shop Outside the Big Box and buy something created by an artist, you are sharing the artist's inspiration, passion and talent with the person who receives a one of a kind gift that will be far more appreciated. Not to mention that it is a far more pleasant shopping experience. 

The creative community is alive and well.  They need your support not only during the holidays but year round.

Jim Allmon    Gallery On Madison www.galleryonmadiaonsson.com

Don't throw out those worn out guitar strings!

Naomi Celestin, a native of New Orleans, recycles used guitar strings into hand crafted jewelry that also include metals and semi-precious stones.  She also gives back to her beloved city.  A portion of each sale benefits The New Orleans Musician Clinic which provides health and mental care services to the local musician population.

Naomi calls her business ReStrung Jewelry.  We have added her bracelets, necklaces and earrings to the artisan collection at Gallery On Madison. They are unique, eco friendly and they look awesome!




Engagement Ring

Recently, a Roy Lichtenstein painting called ‘Engagement Ring’ sold for $41.7 Million at Sothebys.

Ten paintings at the May auction by other famous artists sold for a combined total of 800 million dollars! Art is Alive and Well! 


Speaking of engagement rings, my wife, Jan, lost her ring on a trip to Ohio in February 2013. We never expected to see it again.  However, today while looking through a suitcase we planned to donate, it was there!!   Jan now has it back on finger and all is well.  



Dancing Winds Jewelry

Gallery On Madison now has Dancing Winds earwires. Artisan crafted in Vermont and affordably priced from $18 to $21, the earwires are surgical steel or surgical steel with a 18k gold overlay. Each pair is nickel, lead and cadmium free which is a significant benefit to customers with metal sensitivity.

Dancing Winds artisans use scores of different textures, over 1000 shapes, genuine semi-precious stones, glass beads, natural materials and crystals to create a truly unique look that are stunning. The jewelry is soldered and never glued for durability.

Best of all, you earn a free pair when you purchase five pair at one time or over time!

A Good Sign

We now have a bona fide sign on the exterior of the gallery.  Quail Run Signs installed the sign last week so I guess we are now official!  

People heading up or down S. Madison Street in Middleburg will now have a guide post to find us and the exceptional artists and artisans we represent.  

Come visit us.  Our hours and directions are at www.galleryonmadison.com

Makin' It in Virginia!

To highlight artisans in Virginia who are makin' a livin' doing what they love to do, Gallery On Madison will host a featured artisan each Saturday starting October 3 through December 5 from 1 to 5  at the gallery.

The featured artisan will meet and greet the public, discuss and sell their craft as part of the event.

If you are a talented artisan or know someone who is, get in touch with me at jim@galleryonmadison.com  The Makin' It in Virginia series will be promoted in local newspapers, social media, flyers, email newsletters we send to a group of people who have expressed support for the gallery and of course, our website.




What is on your Wall?

Ever hear the Capital One Bank "What is in your Wallet?" slogan ?  

I decided to twist the question and ask "What is on your Wall?"  The art on your wall should reflect your personality, provide inspiration and enhance your life.  It isn't about matching the decor.  Art is personal and unless you are treating it strictly as an investment, it should speak to you.  No, it should sing to you!

There is romance in selecting art that will give you more than a dash of color.  One of the first pieces of art my wife and I acquired was a colored etching of a faceless French Baker wearing a beret and holding a stack of bread loaves.  The shape of the bread loaves and the beret were a repetitive pattern and intriguing.  It spoke to us. We have moved multiple times since we bought the etching but in each new house, it has found a place in the kitchen. 

Many, many years ago while attending the Ohio State Fair, my wife and I bought a small sepia colored photograph of two squirrels nudged lovingly together under a tree with the inscription:  "Whatever else you seek, it is friendship that fulfills the search."   How true!  I still smile appreciatively when l look at the photo even though it is faded now, but the sentiment has not faded. 

The wisdom to take away is that art comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. Art conveys many different messages. It can be affordable or it can cost a lot.  None of this matters if it does not have meaning to you.  Build a collection that you will enjoy.  







The Day Facebook Signed Off

Facebook in its short ten year life has created a social revolution!

I now know on a daily basis what my friends are doing even those I don't know!!

Some say Facebook is a waste of time, others claim it keeps them connected to those who otherwise they may not be connected due to factors beyond their control.

The bottom line is that you have the option to "turn the channel or not even watch."  But just think if Facebook signed off for good!  Yes, we would survive, but for those who find fulfillment in checking on friends and sharing their life with them in short quips and photos, it would be "the day the music died!" as Don McLean said decades ago if Facebook signed off.

In particular, businesses, who use Facebook to market their products, would loose a valuable tool to stay connected with their customers and prospects.  For small businesses like Gallery On Madison, Facebook is an effective resource  for us to interact with our friends without cost and without intrusion.

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Random Acts of Art

Random Acts of Art and Random Acts of Kindness both result in enjoyment and appreciation from recipients.  

Random Acts of Art happen everyday as do Random Acts of Kindness.  Artists share their creativity in many shapes and forms. In doing so they share themselves.  They share their vision, their talent and their passion. 

 The dictionary defines an artist as a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a  music, poetry, filmmaking, fine art, dance, etc. Missing in the definition is the emotional connection that transpires between the creative process, the end "product" and the "audience" for the art that is created.  

Artists are a unique group of individuals that approach "work" differently than most of us. In fact, it has been said that creativity is intelligence at play. To the artist, doing what they love is not work.  Have you ever heard an artist talk about retirement?  Never!  As long as they are physically able to create, they do up to their last day on earth.

Art and Kindness are both random acts that make this world a better place!  





The Little Gallery That Could

"I think I Can! I think I Can!"  We all remember the childhood story of the Little Engine that Could! It inspired and encourage us as youngsters to take on challenges that we thought were unsurmountable.  It is a fable written in 1930 that will inspire generations to come.

Gallery On Madison is considerably smaller than the galleries we owned in Williamsburg, VA and Woodstock, Vermont.  The limited space could be an obstacle but with a "I think I can! I think I can!" attitude, we have made Gallery On Madison a Little Gallery That Could.  We did it by bringing together a group of exceptionally talented and passionate artists and artisans.  We have maximized the space by selecting twenty seasoned professionals who have created paintings, sculpture and hand crafted fine craft that collectors seek and appreciate. 

 "I think I can! I think I can!" that is our mantra and we hope we can fulfill and exceed your expectations as we establish our gallery in the Northern Virginia art community.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.